How to Apply for Sassa jobs

Sassa is the national agency of the government created in April 2005 in order to distribute social grants on behalf of the department of social development, since 2005 Sassa started to contribute money to children who doesn’t have parents , children that they are parents  are not working and old people who are at the age of 60. Sassa has open the jobs opportunity for unemployed people since the president has announced that people who doesn’t work they must  apply for R 350 grant so that they can be able to buy food for their family so Sassa want to help to reduce the unemployment rate that is why they are willing to  increase workers .



  • grade 10 and above
  • be able to communicate
  • be able to worker as team
  • Exceptional English verbal communication skills
  •   The ability to work rotational shifts, (particularly night shift)/Saturdays/Sundays/Public Holidays
  • A positive attitude


Salary: R1 251 183 – R1 495 956 p.a. inclusive of benefits

if you do quire for this job you can apply now by uploading your CV with all the required document , this job has different position here are the position that are available .

Available position

  • Cleaners
  • office admin
  • Security grand
  • General workers
  • Drivers
  •  Direct
  • manager

if you are interested on those jobs  you can submit your CV  and wait until they respond  you , you don’t have to pay  for any job  ,

Apply here 

The president announced that if you do not work you have to apply for R 350 , this R 350 is made for people who doesn’t worker only so if you want to apply for this R 350 first you must be not working that how you qualify for the R 350 ,the application has open for this grant so you can apply for this grant here

or whatsapp this number 0820468553 , UUSD Number *134*7737# , Email or call center IVR: 0800601011 or website  , you can chose how you can able to apply it

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