How to Apply for Eskom job

Eskom is the one of the company that provide South African with electricity, this company has played the biggest role in South Africa , also it  was started in 1923 and  since this company started ,many  people got jobs ,now eskom has decided to employ people who are unemployed and also give the internship programme for student who are done with their are   high education so that they can be able to build their future and to training ,also give them more knowledge with their careers , this opportunity will help lot of people who has lost their jobs during lock-down  and also help lot of student so don’t miss out this opportunity.

   The requirement  needed

  • Grade 10 and above
  • good communication
  • 1 year experience or none
  • Electrical work in a plant environment
  • Minimum N3 Engineering Studies Certificate
  • Driver’s License
  • Sound knowledge of maintenance and control over electrical systems in a plant.
  • Extensive PLC

if you are interested for this job and also qualify for it you can upload your CV and the all required document here and also i you have to double check your document before you submit .

  How to Apply for Eskom job

  • First thing that you have to do is to check if you do qualify for the job or not by reading the requirement most of the people they do not read the requirement they just apply so in order to wait for the good respond check whether you qualify or not .
  • You have to check all the required document .
  • when you are done you have to make sure that all your document are scan
  • You have to apply online
  • after you are done all those thing them you have to  submit your CV
  • you have to submit your CV here ,submit your CV here

Apply here

if you don’t qualify for this jobs there are many jobs on this website you can check the one that you qualify and apply here online

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