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Game is the one for the biggest store around South African it has many worker all over South African , Game store has decided to hire people who are willing to work during this time of lock-down ,this store is willing to help people who lost their people during this time that why it has given people the opportunity , at game their believe on Ubuntu  that why they have to help family so that they can be able to provide food and their need for their family members  , if you are looking for the job  read the requirement  that are needed for this job below

Requirement needed for the job

  • Grade 12 and above
  • able to hear  English
  • Be able to communicate with people
  • The ability to implement and maintain health and hygiene procedures
  • Administration of orders to minimize shortages and wastage and effective stock control.
  • achieving service excellence though Teamwork.
  • be able to use the computer
  • 1 year experience or none
  • Maintaining fridges and stores to the highest hygiene and stock rotation standards

     Job description

  • Cleaner
  • Office Admin
  • Driver
  • packaging
  • Security grand
  • Marketing
  • HR
  • cashier

If you are interested or you want to apply for those jobs you can submit your CV  before the closing date  apply here now by upload your CV , you can Apply here  , when you upload you CV check your document first because most people upload they wrong file double check the file and the document before you submit your application so that you can be sure .

Game has also open the are store so if you want to purchase any product you can visit the store you are allowed to visit the store only if you have the mask but if you don’t have the mask you wont be allowed to enter that the rule , Game also have online shopping you can shop online by visiting the website , online make things fast so you can be able to check the sales fast and order anything you want


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