Mcdonald jobs available

McDonald is looking for people who are willing to work , since McDonald  decided to open they are store they also decided to increase workers because the are doing delivery only ,which will demand more workers  because orders will becoming through calls or online  , if you are interested on working at  McDonald check here

The requirement

• Grade 12
• Business-related tertiary qualification would be an advantage
• Computer Literate
• Strong Leadership abilities – giving recognition and support, giving direction and guidance, communicating and interacting, service orientation,1 year experience be able to communicate with people , willing to work overtime also be able to work under stress.

• Increase sales
• Stock loss
• Drive a low-cost business according to company standards
• Ensure administrative duties within the store are in accordance with company standards

if you are interested on this job you can submit your CV and wait 3 days for respond just upload all the requirement document , note that you don’t have to submit the hard copy , don’t go to any McDonald because they are not taking a form you just have to apply online.

Apply here

McDonald store has also open if you want to order a meal you can order online and they will deliver it to your place ,you are not allowed to visit the store  or go and order at the store no walking in , you are allowed to order online only and wait for delivery no collecting. if you want to order a meal download Mr D app so that you can be able to order online fast , Mr D delivery is the company that do delivery for all food store around SA , you can download the app here , you can also use the app to  buy food at other restaurants  around SA

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