How to order KFC online

KFC has decided to open they  are franchise but for delivery only  after the lock-down which was happening around the world caused by  corona-virus, since 27 March 2020  all the KFC  around  SA were closed after the president declare lock-down which force all the franchise  tho close in order to prevent the spreading for the virus ,since march KFC  were closed ,

How  to order  online 

  • download Mr D app so that you can be able to order ,Mr D is the delivery company so you have to download it , you can download it at play store
  • Sing in at Mr D app after you are done downloading it , fill in the details needed
  • In side the app you will find more franchise  select KFC  because you want to order at KFC
  • After you have selected KFC it will go to menu then you will select a menu that you want
  • After you have to put your location before you order make sure that your nearest KFC is open because not all KFC is open to check that  first
  • when you are done select a payment method the one that you  are going to use when you are paying
  • after that submit your order

or order here at

During this time KFC will not allow driving   through and collection it will only allow delivery note that you don’t have to go to KFC to  order a meal or to take a meal , the meal will be delivered at  your gate or your location ,the deliver person will contact  you when he/she arrive to your place  please wear a mask when you go to collect it .

KFC also have jobs that are available during this time of lock-down, you can check it here at , when you are applying check all the  requirement and when you upload your CV check all the document and upload the needed document , if you don’t qualify check other jobs there at this website

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