SALARY : R125 373 per annum
CENTRE : Citrusdal Hospital


Minimum requirement,  Basic literacy and numeracy, Experience: Appropriate cleaning experience. Inherent requirements of the job: Must be physically fit to lift heavy objects. Willingness to work shifts including night duty, overtime, weekends, public holidays as well as relief in other departments within the hospital. Competencies (knowledge/skills): Basic knowledge of cleaning procedures and the use of cleaning equipment (electronic and otherwise).


Provide a clean, safe, and hygienic environment in terms of standards and procedures to prevent injuries and the spread of infection which includes sweeping, scrubbing, mopping floors, dusting polishing floors and furniture emptying bins daily, cleaning windows, light shades, walls and all toilets, sluices and drains. Ensure that cleaning equipment, e.g., polishing and
scrubbing machines, mops, brooms, and buckets are clean after use and
securely stored. Effectively use cleaning agents and stock as well as stock
control. Ensure cost effective management of cleaning supplies. Attend inservice training appropriate to service delivery and give effective support to
supervisor and colleagues. Assist with serving of meals and beverages. Correct handling and disposal of waste and medical waste.


SALARY : R125 373 per annum, (plus 37% in lieu of service benefits)
CENTRE : Langeberg Sub-district


Minimum requirement: Basic numeracy and literacy skills. Experience, Appropriate experience in transport of personnel and goods. Inherent requirements of the job: Valid Code EB (Code 8) driver’s license. Valid Public Driving Permit (PDP). Willingness to work overtime. Physically fit to lift and load heavy items. Competencies (knowledge/skills): Knowledge of routine maintenance, Inspections for defects on vehicles and safe driving skills. Ability to accept accountability and responsibility and to work independently. Knowledge of Transport Circular 4 of 2000


Daily transporting of official passengers, post, packages, medication, goods and equipment. Ensure accurate completion of logbooks. Deliver and collect bloods products from Worcester Blood Services (Reliever). Conduct routine maintenance, cleaning of Government vehicles and conduct routine inspection of vehicles and report defects. Perform routine administrative duties when required and respond to emergencies when necessary. Relief staff within the component when required and render support to supervisor.

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