HR jobs available

HR job available for people who are looking for jobs ,if you have lost a job or if you are looking for job there a HR position available for you , so you can read the following requirement and check if you can be able to meet requirement , if you do you can apply for it online by email your CV.


  • English mandatory
  • Availability for a short assignment of 6 months
  • Experience in previous Oil & Gas projects will be an advantage
  • Autonomous, good organizational skill
  • Collaborative – This person would be part of the Project team


  • To coordinate with local agencies:
    • transmission of the HR schedule to the agencies,
    • follow-up of the positions recruited locally and management of priorities (offshore and onshore positions),
    • follow-up of the HR schedule (fast track project in two successive phases : railings installation and shore-pull).
  • CV screening, collection and submission to line-managers for approval of technical skills and budget.
  • To interface with the local shipping agent regarding the Immigration / seaman book as per various entity processes.
  • To produce a weekly report for the Project Manager
  • To prepare the memos necessary to the various stakeholders

if you are interested you can email your CV at and start working soon , when you apply do not forget to upload all the required document also check it before you upload , HR position it need someone who is will to work so hard also work overtime ,

if you don’t  meet requirement you can check other jobs at this website , there is a lot of jobs which maybe you can qualify for it , please  you don’t have to pay for jobs , jobs are free , you just have to apply only and wait for respond that is all , if  they are taking time to respond them you can call them and ask

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