Pick n Pay jobs available

Pick n Pay  is the one of the biggest store in South Africa ,  that is why now it also decide to join other store that are creating  jobs to help people who have lost their jobs during this time of the year due to corona-virus , many people in South Africa has lost so most of the store decided to open jobs opportunity.

Since Covid 19 occurs people lost their jobs , home and business . even Pick n Pay were closed due to the  Covid 19  workers were forced to go home and all shops were forced to closed because the lock-down  . Pick n Pay decided to open job opportunity because they are lacking workers

if you want to apply  for job at Pick and Pay you can   that check the requirement before you apply , here are the requirement of pick n pay .

The requirement

  • Grade 10 and above
  • be willing to over time
  • have good communication
  • be able to speak English and read
  • be able to use computer
  • you must be a team player

if you are interested  you can upload your CV and wait until they respond , they can take 3 -4 days to respond  to your application you just have  to wait and when you upload your CV don’t forget to also create your email address so that they can respond by email and it doesn’t take time .you can apply here

Pick n Pay is also offering internships for student who did business management and also business , if you have complete your degree or diploma you  can apply for the internship at Pick n Pay application are now available , so you can apply it and start doing internship at Pick n Pay .if you want to apply , you can apply here

you can  also shop online at Pick n Pay , since covid 19 started Pick n Pay has decided to start online shopping , online  shop will make things easy for you , you can shop faster than going to the store if you are interested on online shopping you can click here

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