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Boxer store is the one of the biggest store in South African , it also have many workers around SA ,Boxer is willing to help people who are looking for jobs during this time of lock-down, Boxer has decided to hire 300 workers around SA, people who lost their jobs this is the right time to apply for this opportunity. It have been a hard year , people has lost their jobs same didn’t even get job  that why Boxer why decided to give people jobs so that they can be able to provide food to their family and friend.

Requirement  needed

  • Grade 10 and above
  • Be able to communicate with people
  • 1 year experience or none
  • Able to use computer
  • Willing to work overtime
  • Assertiveness, patience and good organizational skills
  • The ability to implement and maintain health and hygiene procedures
  • Achieving service excellence though Teamwork
  • Maintaining fridges and stores to the highest hygiene and stock rotation standards.

Job description

  • Cleaners
  • Packer and picker
  • Drivers
  • cashier
  • Security grand
  • HR
  • Marketing

If you are interested or if you qualify for those jobs you can apply here or submit your CV here now before the closing date,Apply here

Boxer store  has realized that during this level 3 for lock-down people will want to purchase product at they are store so they have open their store which people can be able to purchase  food .

Boxer is also offering internship if you are interested you can also apply and start working soon , is a full time job salary R 6000 – R 7000 , this internship is now available until October 2020 , you can apply it  only if you qualify for it and only if you have complete your high education  for more information you can  click here

Boxer now it allow walking in only if you have mask you can go and shop at Boxer




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