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Shoprite we have open the opportunity for people who  are unemployed , we want to reduce unemployment rate in South African , people who lost their are jobs because of this lock-down  you can also apply for this job ,we are also offering the internship of student  you have complete their degree or diploma , shoprite is willing to help people by providing jobs opportunity around South Africa


  • Grade 12 and above
  • Understand customer needs and requirements
  • Learn the products and services offered
  • Be able to use computer
  • must hear and talk English
  • B e able to communicate with Customer
  • Computer literacy
  • one year experience

Full time job

Salary R 7000 – R 9000

You must be willing to work even overtime and be a team player so that it can reduce more work this job need someone who real want  to work not to learn working , the internship are also available if you want to do internship at shoprite you must have degree or diploma  of business management  , Admin ,marketing etc so that you can qualify to do internship at Shoprite .

The description of the job

  • Office Admin
  • Marketing director
  • picker and packer
  • Driver
  • cleaner
  • Security grand
  • cashier

If you are interest on this  you can apply here by downloading the application form and fill it and resubmit it before the closing date , you can apply here now . if you want to buy food in our store you are free you visit out store , you are allowed to come but with a mask if you don’t have mask you wont be able to enter .

if you do not meet requirement you can check out other jobs on this website ,there is many jobs that you can qualify .


if you want to apply for internship you can apply here now before the closing date when you apply check all the document before you submit , you must also upload your academic result , Apply here



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