The generic minimum requirements applicable to the posts are as follows:
Applicants must display competency in the post-specific core functions of the
post; Be fluent in at least two of the official languages, of which one must be
English; Be a South African Citizen; Must have no previous criminal /
departmental convictions or criminal / departmental cases pending; Applicants
will be subjected to a vetting process which will include security screening and
fingerprint verification. Additional Requirements: A Grade 10 qualification will
serve as an advantage; Basic literacy, numeracy and communication skills; Be able to read and write; The ability to operate elementary machines and
equipment; Willing to work extended hours, when necessary.

Maintaining of a high level of hygiene in and around the workplace with the
cleaning of the SAPS premises assigned to, which may include either or both
inner and outer parameters; Performing tasks of a routine nature, such as
dusting; Polish furniture and floors; Vacuum carpets and mopping of tile floors;
Remove refuse; Perform maintenance tasks in and around the assigned
premises; Clean bathrooms and kitchens; Safekeeping and handling of a
variety of aids in the cleaning of the premises; Loading and unloading of goods;
Garden maintenance services; Washing and cleaning of state vehicles,
kitchenware and utensils; Reporting of losses and damages during execution
of cleaning duties.

ENQUIRIES : may be directed to: Lt Colonel Masemola Tel No: (012 334 3893) / Captain
Hagen Tel No: (012 334 3796) / PPO Mahlangu Tel No: (012 334 2112) / PO
Moreme Tel No: (012 334 3894) / PO Kekana Tel No: (012 334 3513)

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