Teacher Assistant Frequently Asked Questions

Teacher Assistant Frequently Asked Questions


 School Assistant: Questions and Answers for the Phase 2 Teacher Assistant Program to be released in September 2021. 

 What positions are available? 

 Educational assistant to support teaching and learning in classrooms General educational assistant to help maintain infrastructure, provide psychosocial support/counseling, and as assistant sports and fostering 

 How many positions are there? 

positions are available in 9 provinces of South Africa. + 197,000 Educational Assistants (AE) + 95,000 General Education Assistants (GSA).

 A total of 287,000 positions are available. 

 How long is the contract? 

The contract has a term of 5 months (approximately November 1, 2021, March 31, 2022). 

Who can apply? 

 Age 1835 (must not be 36 years old by june 30, 2022 – excluding LSEN schools with no age limit) 

 • Must live within walking distance of school site 

 • Each household can only seize an opportunity 

 • Can’t work, study or train (even part-time) 

 • DO NOT receive government benefits (NSFAS, Funza Lushaka, other COVID benefits) 

 • No have a criminal record 

 • They must meet the criteria by job type 

 Apply for teacher assistant and school assistant 

 How much will I get each month? 

The allowance will be 3827.44 Rand per month minus the UIF contribution of 38 Rand per month.

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