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The EPWP Unit in the Department of Public Works prepared a strategic review of the first phase of the EPWP which was presented to Cabinet in June 2008. This review was based on extensive evaluations of the first phase of the programme and made a number of key recommendations for the second phase of the programme in order to increase the scale and impact in the second phase.

While the EPWP achieved its target of one million work opportunities one year ahead of time, some constraints were identified that limited its further expansion. These included the limited authority of the Department of Public Works to demand contributions by provinces and municipalities, the lack of incentives in place for provinces and municipalities to maximise their employment creation efforts, lack of capacity among certain public bodies and insufficient political mobilisation in some areas. Improved mechanisms were required to making fighting unemployment a priority for all spheres of government.

Objectives of the EPWP Phase 2

To create 4.5 million work opportunities for poor and unemployed people in South Africa so as to contribute significantly to halving unemployment by 2014, through the delivery of public and community services. Public bodies from all spheres of government (in terms of their normal mandates and budgets) and the Non-State sector (supported by government incentives) are anticipated to optimize the creation of work opportunities for unemployed and poor people in South Africa through the delivery of public and community services.
Training and enterprise development are implemented in sector-specific programs to enhance service delivery and beneficiary well-being.

Salary: Range Between R92.60 Per Day To R120.00 Per Day
To Join Submit Your CV On The Following:


Department of Public Works
Switchboard: 012 406 1000/2000

Physical Address:

Central Government Offices (CGO)
Cnr Bosman and Madiba (Vermeulen) Street,

Postal Address:

Private Bag X65

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  1. Good morning.
    My name is Martín Yanga Mditshwa I’m looking forward to this opportunity by working with you am dedicated person fast learner and im good with communicating skills also working as a team.

  2. Hello,
    I am interested in applying for the position. I have attached my resume and cover letter. Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information from me.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Yours Clara Mtambo

  3. I’m interested to work, I’m available to work any time to represent my work to your company and I’m a hard worker

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