Plennegy Research: General Worker Job at Starke Ayres Company

Contract Type Permanent
Salary Market Related


Location Oudtshoorn, Western Cape, South Africa



The following position has become available at our Starke Ayres Research Department in Oudtshoorn. The purpose of this job is to be involved in all practical work related to crop breeding and evaluation – on and off station.

Job Functions Research and Development
Industries Agriculture, Research


•Assist with the planting of crop breeding material and crop trials.

•Assist with thinning out of crop breeding material and crop trials.

•Involved in all irrigation-related tasks.

•Involved in crop pollinations.

•Involved in the harvesting of crop breeding material and trails.

•Involved in weighing and taking of crop trials and breeding material.

•Involved in detasseling of open-pollinated crossing blocks and breeding material.

•Perform any task on the research stations that management may deem necessary.

•Comply with safety regulations in the workplace as laid down by legislation.

•Carry out any farm maintenance or other requirements to operate a farm.

•Assist with the packing of seed.

•Assist with marking fields.

•Involved in spraying of crops.


Experience in this field will be an added advantage.
Job Closing Date 11/06/2021


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