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Since the lockdown started most people  have lost their jobs and some their have lost their home due to that  we have decided that all people who stay at south africa who have lost their job we are going to give you food parcels  so if you have lost your job and you have also lost your home  we are here to help you by giving you food for free.

Other factors that could lead to undue hardship may include:

You need help while you wait for your children’s grants to be processed.

You do not qualify for a grant and you are in a desperate situation.

You are unable to work for a period of less than six month because you are medically unfit.

You are unable to get maintenance from the other parent of your child or children.

The breadwinner of the family has died.

The breadwinner has been sent to prison for a short time (less than six months).

You have been affected by a disaster but the area or community in which you live has not been declared a disaster area.


Applications for social relief of distress can be made at the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) offices.You will need to take along a 13-digit bar-coded identity document and your children’s birth certificates.If your identity document or a birth certificate is not available you will need:A sworn statement by a reputable person who knows the applicant and the child. This may be from a councillor, traditional leader, social worker or minister of religion.Proof that an application for a birth certificate or identity document has been lodged with the Department of Home Affairs.Where applicable, a temporary identity document issued by the Department of Home Affairs.A baptismal certificate.A road to health clinic card or a school report.No application can be processed without the sworn statement/affidavit.If you do not have an identity document and birth certificates an affidavit from your local police station, chief, councillor or religious leader may be proof enough.You will also have to show proof that you:

  • Applied for a grant.
  • Had an emergency (e.g. provide a police report that your house burnt down).
  • Tried to get maintenance.
  • Have no other support.
  • Are married, divorced or single.
  • Have no income.
  • Have a short-term medical disability.


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