School Counselor position Available

Maseru, North West
Full-time, Contract, Permanent
R600 000 – R650 000 a year

Guidance Counselor – Maseru, Lesotho (Africa)

Work Abroad with a dynamic international education team in the Kingdom of Lesotho! Machabeng College International Secondary School is seeking a dynamic Guidance Counselor for IGCSE grades S1-S5 (equivalent to US grade levels 6-10) and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (equivalent to grade levels 11-12 academic honors classes). This is a new position for a growing school. We are currently reorganizing to a 21stCentury technology and differentiated instructional approach. We need a savvy Guidance Counselor to join the administrative team. If you are someone who is…..

Highly Organized and detail oriented. A Problem-solver A mediator, Enjoys Building Relationships with great students, Holds the Confidentiality of students and families. A researcher and writer, Skilled in establishing programs for student interventions and awareness§ An Interventionist. Adept at listening/interacting with students to identify and help resolve their problems. Compassionate and can identify and empathize with students dealing with emotional or difficult situations. 

You belong working for Machabeng College!

The Guidance Counselor will work very closely with the Headmaster to bring about cultural changes regarding teacher dedication and instructional appropriate practices. The Guidance Counselor will develop and implement a Comprehensive Guidance Program that will address the social, emotional, educational and occupational needs of all students. The school guidance counselor will perform various functions to aid student success by….

Assisting students in understanding and overcoming social, behavioral or academic problems

  • Providing group or individual counseling to address the needs of students
  • Evaluating students’ academic/career plans and assist them in setting realistic goals
  • Monitoring and observe students to identify and address personal, emotional or social issues
  • Referring students to health psychologists and other mental professionals for proper attention
  • Consulting with families and staff to highlight students’ needs and discuss strategies necessary for improved social and academic performance
  • Planning and organize classroom counseling sessions to address career, academic, and personal development issues among students
  • Developing and implement school counseling programs effective in meeting students’ needs
  • Preparing students for transition to higher institutions and colleges
  • Ensuring school curriculum meets the academic and developmental needs of students
  • Conducting student assessment and maintain records of test results
  • Supporting programs for students with special needs or learning disabilities
  • Organizing seminars to educate teenagers on the ills associated with drug and alcohol abuse
  • Listening to students’ concerns and proffer recommendations effective in addressing academic or psychological problems
  • Guiding and support school staff in implementing school advisory programs
  • Employing responsive counseling in establishing positive relationship between teachers, parents, and students.
  • Intervening with clashes between students and teachers
  • Monitoring continual disciplinary issues
Further, the Guidance Counselor will assist with guidance and counseling individuals and groups of students with regard to education career paths, which may include:
 Meeting with students whose names appear on the low-grade list for each marking period and formulating a plan of action for success involving the student and the parent;
Planning, assisting, and/or promoting programs which enhance the academic, social or emotional growth of students, e.g., Curriculum Fair, Career Fair, Underclass Honors Assembly & Senior Honors Program, Graduation, opportunities for student enrichment and/or remediation, scholarship opportunities and parent informational programs
Meeting with students once each trimester and emailing updates on their moving up and graduation status to their parents; Working with students who have discipline, attendance and academic problems and are referred by teachers, parents or administrators;Observing relationships among teachers and students and providing feedback to the staff based on observed issues;Insuring that students are aware of requirements for graduation and college admission, as well as any requirements that may be necessary for athletic participation;§ Guiding each student to choose courses consistent with his/her interests, abilities and possible career plans;
Helping students develop post-secondary educational goals in accordance with their interests, abilities and possible career plans; Assisting students with the completion of college admissions applications;
Organizing and promoting standardized assessment opportunities and interpreting test results to students and/or parents on request;
Assisting the Senior Management Team in the preparation of diploma lists and identification of honor graduates in preparation for the Senior Honors Program and Graduation;
Assuring that appropriate, accurate information is maintained in each student’s permanent, cumulative record; and Making necessary schedule changes for individual students that are both appropriate for their abilities and aligned with their educational and career plans. To facilitate small groups for individual students with identified, common needs 


To consult with and serve as a resource for students, staff and parents regarding developmental needs of students, which includes:

1. Professional Development for Teachers and SPED Staff

2. Teaching Mental and Physical Wellness Classes (6-weeks throughout the year)

3. Leadership Thinking and Strategies

4. Organization Skills

5. Serving on the Child Study Team

6. Assisting the SPED Teacher with intervention

7. Mediation

8. Advocating for Students with the Discipline Committee

9. Working closely with administration and teacher evaluation


Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge

Bachelor of Science in Education for Secondary.

Minimum 8 years’ experience as a teacher. Master of Science in Guidance & Counseling or School Counseling Endorsement on a current Professional Teaching Certificate (US states, Europe, Africa, Australia, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific accepted)§ Minimum 5 years of experience as a School Guidance Counselor§ Experience in writing health and guidance directed curriculum in awareness programs and social emotional development programs .
Experience with secondary student support groups. Experience in the RTI system§ Experience in observing students in the learning environment. Experience mentoring Teachers to improve relationships with parents and students 


Machabeng College is a highly coveted secondary school in Maseru. The Queen serves as the patron of the school. Machabeng was built on palace grounds in 1977 and has grown over 43 years. Expat teachers serving in Lesotho are housed in single family homes (2-3 bedrooms) on a secure campus. Lesotho is a developing country, relatively inexpensive living costs, and has a very low crime rate. The culture is polite and understanding. The students are highly intelligent and well mannered. The staff is dedicated, supportive and uses a mentoring collegial approach with each other. The average tenor of a Machabeng Teacher is 10 years. We are seeking a new family member to lead our guidance program.

To apply with Machabeng College, please contact JL Schwimmer, Headmaster by email and attach the following documents:


Valid Passport

3 Letters of Reference (within the last 10 years of service)


Professional Certification

Job Types: Full-time, Contract, Permanent

Salary: R600,000.00 to R650,000.00 /year


  • Counselling: 5 years (Required)
  • Teaching Secondary: 8 years (Preferred)


  • Masters (Required)

Apply here now 


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